About Sabaramatin Trading Company


Company history and introduction

“Saba Ramtin” company, which was established in 1384 as a private stock, with nearly two decades of continuous and dynamic activity, is now recognized as one of the top companies in the country’s food industry, especially olive oil, the management structure of this group is always trying to It has been to play a role in the development and excellence of the country’s olive oil supply chain in a dynamic and systematic manner and to take steps by relying on the knowledge and experience of its manpower in order to achieve goals such as the development of the food industry and related new technologies.

Currently, Saba Ramtin company is working directly as a private company in the field of food products, especially olive oil, with the employment of experienced personnel and with the use of the expertise and experience of efficient workers and financial capacities in the field of domestic and international trade. to do In this company, the approach of satisfying the qualitative and quantitative needs of a wide range of customers is prioritized and the subject of this company's activity is as follows:

Import of olive oil

Production, preparation, distribution, packaging and supply of all kinds of edible oils and olive oil

Providing all commercial activities and commercial services in the field of buying, selling and after-sales services of products

Export and import of all permitted commercial goods

Participation in companies and institutions and natural and legal persons

Designing and providing advice and establishing cooperation areas with foreign companies and institutions

Capability in creating the ground for the presence of industry activists in exhibitions, seminars and public and specialized conferences inside and outside the country.

Clearance of goods from domestic and foreign customs

Company goals:

Specialized import of olive oil

Establishing export/import trade cycle in the desired areas

Quantitative and qualitative development of human resources


Company mission:

Protecting the company’s assets and increasing the profits of the final shareholder

Obtaining the highest possible return and using all the power and talent in order to improve the value of the assets at hand

Providing stable and growing profits by using investment opportunities in various commercial and economic fields

Optimum selection of economic activities from attractive domestic and foreign opportunities

Empowerment and development of human capital


Company vision:

Active presence in domestic and foreign markets in the fields related to the company’s activities